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Little People

The new Irish book by

Gordon Lewis. ​

A medium once told W.B Yeats, the renowned Irish poet who wrote about folklore, 'Do not seek to know too much about the Irish fairies and be careful what you wish for!'

Little People is set in the rugged, mythical landscape of Ireland's remote County Kerry. It's a place where fairies from a parallel world watch, unseen, over the mortal realm - until, that is, courageous, strong-willed Aisling and her heroic little brother Liam find themselves in desperate need of help.

       Thrown into a magical world of folklore and fantasy they do not understand, Aisling and Liam join forces with the legendary little people and embark upon an epic quest to find their way safely back to the world of humans they know. On the way, they must battle darkness, danger and deceit - and overcome their worst fears in the adventure of a lifetime.

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Narrated by Michael Ryan

You have a chance to win 10 prizes of Little People book autographed by Gordon Lewis. 
  Send in your drawings HERE of how you imagine the many fairies.

This book is suitable for ages 9 to 16.

Now out on                      Books

E-book: Buy Here

Paperback: Buy Here

Audiobook coming in April 2022.


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